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Strategies of Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company

  • Planning for the improvement of safety and security in airport and aeronautical operations,
  • Enhance rationalization and conformance activities of company comply with national and international regulations and standards,
  • Optimum use of airports and airspace capacity
  • Increasing the security concerning issues in the airports operations and services,
  • Airport emission reduction projects in the development and operation of airports in  harmony with the environment,
  • Increase the quality of airports and aeronautical services
  • Enhance customer satisfaction ( airlines, handling, passengers, shops and stores),
  • Continuous improvement of resource management effectiveness
  • Developing private sections contributions in airports and aeronautical domain
  • Commercialization and continuous effort to improve airports economy
  • Enforcement and stability of airport management
  • Increasing the airport economic impact (direct and indirect job opportunities) and Increasing the area of its influence,
  •   Increasing the cooperation of airports and relevant transportation modes in a multimodal transportation system,
  •  Enforcement of relationship between airports and relevant Society
  • Continuous progress of role and importance of airports in state development by applying new methods,
  • Increase relationship between airports in the region and worldwide,
  • Increase interaction with relevant aeronautical industrial organizations in an effective manner
  • Increasing transparency, continuous improvements and resiliency of Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company,
  • Knowledge-based innovation through human resource development